Brainus  Investment Banking .Munich .Germany

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Brainus is a specialized investment banking boutique.

The team is comprised of senior industry professionals who have extensive transactional background, long-standing industry relationships and are dedicated to playing an active role in every transaction.

Our success stems from our ability to advise on and evaluate complex transactions. Our company is focused on establishing exclusive relationships with a selected handful of clients for whom we provide unbiased service. Our selected clients enjoy an exceptional derivatives know-how across markets and asset classes with a team of professionals from trading, structuring and financial engineering.

Our independence allows us to offer conflict-free advice sought to create long-term value and help our clients to make informed decisions. Our dedicated team works to build and preserve wealth through sound advice that is supported by proven strategies and relentless customer service.

Our work generally includes a comprehensive operational and financial review. From this work, we typically develop numerous financial analyses. We negotiate parallel deals with multiple parties to ensure our clients are able to pick the right partner while maintaining leverage in the process. We combine our experience with the art and science of negotiation to optimize results. The entire process is geared towards the optimization of our client's needs and objectives, rather than the typical investment banking approach of trying to close a deal too quickly and then moving on to the next assignment.


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